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    Tongli Lake Resort




    Tongli Lake Resort is located in Tongli Town, which is China’s historic and cultural famous town. Tongli Lake Bridge connects the Resort with the land. The distance from the globally famous World Cultural Heritage Tuisi Garden is just five-minute walk. The whole Resort is surrounded by water, and guests can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Tongli Lake in the garden and the elegant demeanor of “misty rain landscape” and “Luoxing Rain Listening”. Trees make a pleasant shade in the Resort and the environment is quiet, even “one drop of water can break the tranquility”.
    The style of the Resort is gardens of South Region of Yangtze River. The Holiday Hotel, built in accordance with the standards higher than international four-star, owns guestrooms, Western-style food halls, multi-functional halls, “Tongli No.1” Boat-like Banquet Hall and conference center which are equipped with advanced facilities and equipment and can accommodate thousands of people, luxurious banquet compartments, sauna centers, song and dance halls, KTV compartments, cosmetology and hairdressing rooms, chess and card rooms, gyms. All in all, everything needed is ready. As an integration of food, living, walking, touring, shopping and amusement, it is an ideal place for recreation, vacation, business and group.





    Hengli International Hotel



    On August 22, 2010, the foundation of Hengli International Hotel was formally laid and the construction was started.Hengli International Hotel is a super five-star hotel with the largest scale and the highest level in the area of northern Jiangsu and also the first five-star hotel in Suqian City. The five-star Hengli International Hotel, with total investment of RMB 0.65 billion yuan, designed by a world-class five-star hotel design expert – Japan KKS Design Firm according to world-class hotel standards, is an international super five-star hotel fully equipped with relevant equipment and facilities, such as hotel guestrooms, banquet halls, variety of restaurants, multi-functional halls and gyms. The height of the building is 100 meters. There are 483 suites of guestrooms, and also podium buildings, covering banquet halls, conference centers and recreation centers, etc. The completion of the hotel will play an actively propelling role in improving the overall city image of Suqian, optimizing investment environment and creating brand-new business trade & tour pattern.

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